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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On-Board Coaching Starts Here

On-boarding is a critical issue for executives matriculating from other companies. Because the failure rate is so high (40-50% within two years), it's an important topic for all companies. This week and next will be devoted to this topic of executive coaching.

This is the first of a number of posts about on-boarding for executives

1.What does on-boarding mean, relative to new executives?

a. Whenever you bring a new executive (or anyone for that matter) into a company, it’s as if he or she were entering into a tribe. Such tribes (companies and organizations) all have a distinct culture and hierarchy, both official and, more importantly, unofficial. I sometimes describe culture as the organizational unwritten attitudes, behaviors and rules that are strictly enforced.

b. As a new executive comes onboard and enters into the corporate culture and power structure, the entire organization tries to figure out, very quickly, if this new person will be a threat or an asset.

c. The time frame for critical decisions (threat vs. asset) by the organization varies but the first 6 months (especially the first 3 months) are the most important. If executives are brought on board in a thoughtful, concerted way, they have a much better chance for success.

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