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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trust at Work

Every relationship, whether personal or professional, depends on trust. In his new book, The Speed of Trust, Stephen Covey takes a hard look at this principle that is as important today to every leader as it was in the days of Aristotle, who first discussed trust many years ago. Covey discusses the two most important principles of trust—character and competence.
  • Character—Does the person have high integrity, consistency, and honesty, and good intent—no hidden agenda—and have the best interest of others at heart?
  • Competence—Does the person have capabilities—knowledge, skills and abilities, and does the person get results—a track record for getting the job done?
Covey discusses the cost of trust.
  • When trust is low in an organization, it takes more time and costs more money to get things done. He calls it a hidden “tax” on our business.
  • When trust is high, speed increases but cost decreases—a trust dividend, as Covey calls it.

The book is worthwhile, a readable text with a number of practical steps about how to build trust, and by inference, build a strong and healthy climate in an organization.

Please pass this on to anyone inside or outside your organization who may have an interest.

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